Prof. Martin BERGER Choral Conducting Masterclass Series:

  • Arrange, Sing, Move, Dance! – Core elements in African Choral Music
  • The Art of Choral Training & Conducting
  • Gesture Speaks: Implications & Practice of Non-verbal Gesture in Conducting
Mr. Aarne SALUVEER “A Singing Nation”: An Introduction to Estonian Choral Life & Music
Mrs. Naomi FARAN Eternal Inherent Traditions: An Introduction to Israeli Choral Music
Dr. Nadezhda AVERINA Aesthetics of Russian Music and Choral Harmony & Children’s Choir Training
Mr. Tommyanto KANDISAPUTRA Building the Voice: Methods & Techniques for Vocal & Pitch Training
Dr. Brady ALLRED Sounds of America: Spiritual, Broadway and Folklore
Mr. Mark Anthony CARPIO Golden Keys: Secrets behind Successful Competition Preparations
Prof. Bao-lin YAN Show Choirs: Stage Movements and Effects
Prof. Zimfra POLOZ Methodology & Experience in Children’s Choir Training
Dr. Andrew WITHINGTON An Introduction to New Zealand’s Indigenous and Contemporary Music & Mixed Choir Training


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