World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association


Hong Kong Treble Choirs’ Association

Associate Organizer

China Music Education

Festival Organizing Committee:

Permanent Honorary Adviser Mdm. Barbara FEI, SBS
Honorary Adviser Dr. Darwin CHEN, SBS
Artistic Director & President Prof. Leon Shiu-Wai TONG
Vice-Presidents Dr. Brady ALLRED

Prof. Martin BERGER

To be appointed

Dr. Milan KOLENA

Mr. Da-peng MENG

Committee Members Prof. Bao-ping REN

Prof. Jin-ming ZHU

Ms. Mei LIU

Mr. Kai ZHOU

Production Team:

Executive and Planning Manager Mr. Brian CHUI
Marketing and Communications Manager Ms. Kaylee CHAN
Program Manager Ms. Icy LAI
Development Manager Ms. Hayley LEUNG
Concerts Manager Ms. Bertha KUM
Human Resources Manager Mr. Kelvin HO
Festival Editor Ms. Heather PONG
Official Translator Ms. Summer WANG
Official Designer Clinch Ltd.
Project Interns Ms. Beatrice TSA

Ms. Karen WOO

Official Photographer Mr. Ji-yan WANG
Official Photography & Videography Andy Wong Studio Point


Official Stage Production Bottle and Fish
Official Interpreters Ms. Kaylee CHAN

Ms. Jing-jing LAI


Official Media Partner